5 Major Skills a Transcriptionist Require

Transcription is basically listening to a recorded audio and converting the speech into text format, and the person who does that is called a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist’s job is challenging and need to have certain special skills to perform their role effectively. Let us look at five key skills needed to take up transcription as a profession.

5 Major Skills a Transcriptionist Require

Listening: Transcriptionists primarily need to be very good at listening and should be very attentive. They should not get easily distracted while transcribing long audio recordings. To clearly interpret what speakers are conveying, they need to be very attentive and should also possess subject knowledge on what they are transcribing. They also have to type down simultaneously while listening to the audio, so they need to perform multitasking as well.

Typing: Good transcription professionals need to have the ability to type fast and accurately. Bad typing skills compel them to delete and retype quite often, thus slowing down the whole transcription process.

Researching : It is very important for transcription professionals to have good researching skills. Doing research beforehand helps to easily find words or phrases related to the subject that is discussed in the audio.

Grammar & Punctuation: Transcriptionists should have a good grip on grammar and punctuation. This is of utmost importance as a wrong punctuation or grammar can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Grammar and punctuation errors are considered to be grave in a transcript.

Computer Knowledge with Good Formatting Skills: Good working knowledge of computers is essential for transcriptionists. They need to be thorough with the formatting styles specified by their clients.

Transcribe-Now Delivers Quality Audio Transcripts

Audio transcription services are vital for corporates to preserve and reproduce their business documents for a variety of reasons. Media firms, medical institutions, insurance firms, academic institutions, financial firms, law firms, etc. are some of the businesses that widely use transcription services. There are some major factors that these corporates would look while choosing an audio transcription service provider. The three key qualities they would look for are; error-free delivery, quick turnaround time and cost effectiveness. Transcribe-Now is undoubtedly one of the major transcription companies that can fulfill all these requirements for its clients.

quality audio transcription services

Error-free Transcript Delivery:
Nowadays, a lot of transcription service providers use automated tools to deliver their final transcripts. The quality of transcripts generated by these automated sources is not so great and it is even worse if the audio quality or the spoken accent is bad. The corporates prefer transcription service provider who does manual proofreading and editing so that they can be sure of the transcript quality. We, at Transcribe-Now, have vast transcription experience being in this industry now for more than two decades. We have successfully developed a hybrid system where the automatically generated transcripts are fed into a manual workflow. The auto-generated transcripts are further proofread and edited by our highly experienced professional transcriptionists. We also have professionals who are specialized in various industries that enable us to effectively handle industry-specific transcripts.

Quicker Turnaround:
How quick one could turnaround transcripts depend on how efficient the workflow is, and it varies between service providers. Transcribe-Now has a highly efficient workflow that includes highly experienced transcription professionals. This makes it easy for us to turnaround error-free transcripts at a much quicker pace than our competitors. Moreover, we have a facility where the customers can stream auto-generated preliminary transcripts live on to their existing workflow, while the manually edited version can be delivered at a later point as per the customer requirement.

Cost Effectiveness:
We ensure highly competitive pricing without compromising on the transcript quality or turnaround time. Once a customer signs the contract with us, it remains unchanged throughout the contract period without any hidden matrix. Overall, we are a reliable audio transcription service provider specialized in providing tailor-made solution for our customers.

Key Benefits Of Interactive Transcripts

Interactive transcripts are verbatim textual representation of video files that normally runs in a paragraph format beside the source video. Users can read through the text while watching the video. These transcripts would appear more like closed captions/subtitles, but in a running format towards the side of the video. As and when the video is played, the words or blocks of words in the transcript get highlighted corresponding to the spoken content.

Key Benefits Of Interactive Transcripts

Interactive transcripts are searchable textual format, and they help a great deal in making your videos more accessible. These transcripts make it possible for users to interact with the videos. For instance, if you as a user want to go to a particular portion of a video, only thing you have to do is to point the cursor on the word or the block of words that coincides with the visual that you are looking for and click on that; the video will automatically jump on to that particular portion.

These transcripts help deaf or hard-of-hearing to consume videos with less difficulty. The users can read the text as and when they view the video real time. These transcripts also help students with learning disabilities.

Another benefit of having interactive transcripts on your website videos is that they make them easily searchable; therefore helping your digital marketing and SEO activities to a great extent. It is always more effective when the search engines index the whole transcript content rather than just indexing the video title or description.

There are a lot of transcription service providers offering interactive transcription services and it is very important for you to choose someone who can deliver error-free transcripts.