Transcribe-Now Delivers Quality Audio Transcripts

Audio transcription services are vital for corporates to preserve and reproduce their business documents for a variety of reasons. Media firms, medical institutions, insurance firms, academic institutions, financial firms, law firms, etc. are some of the businesses that widely use transcription services. There are some major factors that these corporates would look while choosing an audio transcription service provider. The three key qualities they would look for are; error-free delivery, quick turnaround time and cost effectiveness. Transcribe-Now is undoubtedly one of the major transcription companies that can fulfill all these requirements for its clients.

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Error-free Transcript Delivery:
Nowadays, a lot of transcription service providers use automated tools to deliver their final transcripts. The quality of transcripts generated by these automated sources is not so great and it is even worse if the audio quality or the spoken accent is bad. The corporates prefer transcription service provider who does manual proofreading and editing so that they can be sure of the transcript quality. We, at Transcribe-Now, have vast transcription experience being in this industry now for more than two decades. We have successfully developed a hybrid system where the automatically generated transcripts are fed into a manual workflow. The auto-generated transcripts are further proofread and edited by our highly experienced professional transcriptionists. We also have professionals who are specialized in various industries that enable us to effectively handle industry-specific transcripts.

Quicker Turnaround:
How quick one could turnaround transcripts depend on how efficient the workflow is, and it varies between service providers. Transcribe-Now has a highly efficient workflow that includes highly experienced transcription professionals. This makes it easy for us to turnaround error-free transcripts at a much quicker pace than our competitors. Moreover, we have a facility where the customers can stream auto-generated preliminary transcripts live on to their existing workflow, while the manually edited version can be delivered at a later point as per the customer requirement.

Cost Effectiveness:
We ensure highly competitive pricing without compromising on the transcript quality or turnaround time. Once a customer signs the contract with us, it remains unchanged throughout the contract period without any hidden matrix. Overall, we are a reliable audio transcription service provider specialized in providing tailor-made solution for our customers.

Lecture Transcription Helps Students & Teachers Alike

Paying complete attention when you are attending extensive lectures is vital. It is understandably difficult to concentrate on speech and at the same time jot them all down. There are chances that you miss out on the lecture’s full concept when you try to listen and take down notes simultaneously. Asking questions and clearing doubts would also be a difficult task if you are focused on taking down notes. This is the reason why recording lectures and have them converted to text format is a good approach to retain the information conveyed during the class.

Lecture Transcription

Lecture transcription services are used by researchers and academic professionals for a variety of reasons. Audio recording of the lectures or webinars are transcribed and converted into text format for students and professionals to use them at a later convenient time. Schools and universities publish lecture transcripts online so as to help students to browse through these transcripts by using easily searchable keywords. This helps them to learn their difficult subjects by reading and understanding these texts.

These transcripts address accessibility issues as well. Verbatim transcripts of lectures or webinars help students of all kinds, irrespective of their learning styles. They help slow learners to study their subjects at their appropriate pace. They help students with hearing disability and those with language limitations who would otherwise find it difficult to understand lectures or webinars that move at relatively swift pace.

Lecture or webinar transcripts not only help students, but also professors and teachers. Transcripts enable them to review their style of delivering lectures, and would also help them to come up with better ideas to improve overall quality of their lectures.

There are quite a few professional transcription service providers who are specialized in lecture transcription services. Choosing a quality service provider is of utmost importance.

Transcribe-Now is a professional transcription service provider that has specialized professionals to deliver quality lecture transcripts.

TranscribeNow’s Automated Solution

Technology is continuing to grow at rapid pace touching almost all aspects of our daily life. Organizations have started to rely on automated solutions for various projects, transcription companies are no different. Hiring qualified transcriptionists has become difficult these days, transcription companies are looking at using automated transcription tools as an alternative to full-time transcription employees. Leaders in the transcription services industry are now employing highly experienced transcriptionists to proof read and edit machine generated transcripts so as to provide highly accurate transcripts.
automated solution
TranscribeNow caters to wide range of organizations like corporates, media firms, academic institutions, financial firms, law firms, etc. We help them to preserve and reproduce text records of their conferences, seminars or any other communications. Our transcription solution uses highly accurate automated transcription tool. Our machine program is continuously trained to comprehend the patterns from massive amounts of data that is fed into the system memory.

The automatically generated transcripts are shot to our workflow where our highly qualified transcriptionists proof read and make necessary corrections so that we ensure error-free transcripts for our customers. Our automated solution helps us to cover significant amount of transcripts for our customers. Another major advantage is that our automated solution makes it possible for our customers to stream preliminary transcripts live on to their work flows. We provide reliable transcription solutions that are tailor-made for our customers with the efficient automated workflow at a much faster turnaround. TranscribeNow accepts audio/video in any format and delivers in any text format specified by customers. We also cover general events, business and financial events, media related events, legal reports, etc.

Business Transcription Solutions

transcription solutions

Business transcription service is the text documentation of corporate audio or video events. Corporate earnings calls, interim results, annual meetings, corporate events, analyst interviews, etc. are some of the common events.

Business transcription service is on growing demand these days. Demand for transcription service has grown as many investors and analysts rely on these transcripts to make their crucial investment decisions. Investors do not have to worry much even if they miss an important earnings call or an important update from the companies of their interest, they can anytime read through these transcripts and get themselves updated.

At the same time, transcription solutions providers have to work hard to deliver quality transcripts. This is because investors take crucial decisions reading through these transcripts. Number errors (currency date, etc.) are considered to be grave as they can completely misguide the investors.

Quality transcription service with a quicker turnaround is preferred by clients for obvious reasons, and delayed market information can sometimes be completely useless.

Business Transcription Process

Usually, transcription service providers plug into live corporate events and get the audio recorded or downloaded onto their workflow. Once the audio is made available in the workflow, a transcriptionist picks up the audio and transcribes the whole audio file. The transcribed files are sent to the client as a preliminary transcript, and at the same time, these files are pushed for proofreading or final editing. After proofreading and editing, the final text is made available to the client or published onto their website in the desired format.

What’s New? Automated Transcription Service

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is taking over almost all segments and transcription is no different. With the help of automated transcription process, audio to text conversion is done in no time thus completely eliminating the preliminary transcription process. These preliminary transcripts are further proofread for zero-error transcripts.

TranscribeNow has successfully integrated automated transcription process onto the workflow and as a result, delivers quality transcripts at a quicker turnaround.