For a transcription service provider, quality proofreading is the most critical task performed before transcripts are delivered to its clients. Transcription proofreaders typically work as a part of the Quality Analysis team and they work at different levels. They are responsible for the final delivery of error-free transcripts to the clients, and hence considered as the most critical job.

How do they do it? The key to quality proofreading is to read the transcribed text again and again, the more you read the more you understand the context of the document. Each time the proofreaders review the content, they approach it with different mindsets.


Transcriptionists type out documents quite fast simultaneously listening to audio files leaving room for mistakes. Errors are bound to happen as transcriptionists type out at a high speed. Proofreaders are the second set of ears and eyes before the transcripts are finally delivered to the clients.

What do they check while proofreading? Proofreaders check for grammatical and spelling errors. They also check for contextual errors. Proofreaders fill in missing words or phrases missed out during the transcription process.

Document formatting according to the specifications provided by the client is another important task performed by proofreaders. After proper formatting, the documents are delivered to the client after a final quality check by the proofreaders.

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