Subtitles Or Closed Captions Help Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing efforts of your company are considered to be effective when your digital marketing team is able to drive your quality prospects or future customers on to your website so that they can find all the information they are looking for. Most of the search activities today depend on Google and they are believed to be the “King of Searches”. Having said that, Google has its own limitations in terms of speed by which it identifies video content, making them not so easily searchable.

How can you address this? One effective way you can think about is to add transcripts or subtitles/closed captions to your video assets. This would make it easy for the search engines to fetch the relevant asset using the keywords appearing in the text format. Google’s algorithm, which is responsible for ranking websites in search engine result looks to be more comfortable in fetching words in written format than identifying video content.

We are seeing a significant increase in usage of video platforms (YouTube and the like) but the technologies responsible for identifying the content for ranking purpose still has limitations. You can add a verbatim transcript or subtitles/closed captions to the videos, which would make it more easily searchable and eventually helps to attract qualified leads through your websites.

If you working on a limited marketing budget, you can think of publishing a transcript of the dialogues present in your video assets. This way, it makes it easy for search engines to detect the keywords, which in turn helps your ranking activities.

It makes sense to have complete verbatim transcripts published if you have longer duration videos. This would help users to get to the relevant points that they are looking for quite quickly by searching for the keywords in the transcript. Today, there are quite a few service providers who are using Automated Transcription process for a quicker turnaround for your transcription requirements.

Another way is to add subtitles or closed captions on to your videos, which would be a bit more expensive than creating transcripts. This can drive some serious traffic on to your website. This can even help deaf or hard of hearing to interpret your videos correctly. If you are a company operating in multiple geographies around the world, it makes sense to subtitle/caption your videos in the languages of geographies that you operate in. This also should boost your digital marketing efforts in a great way.

One other effective way to optimize search engine is to provide a detailed written video description of the video content so as to help your customers have a better understanding on the subject. And then you could link the description to the relevant content on your website so that it would help your customers consume the video.

So, identify an efficient service provider who can provide you with good quality subtitles/closed captions and make your digital marketing efforts more effective.

Closed Captioning and Subtitling Helps Develop Literary Skills in Children Worldwide

captioning and subtitling

As we all know, closed captioning or subtitling is the textual interpretation displayed in visual display screens in synchronization with the visual cues. A recent study has revealed that school students are able to improve their literary skills as they read through closed captions or subtitles while watching their favorite TV programs.

There are many schools around the world, during holidays, instruct their students to watch television programs of their choice with the closed captions turned on. At the same time, the schools advised their parents to have a look for the age-appropriateness of the content the kids are watching. The idea was to ensure that the students continue reading away from school and also enjoy their holidays.

A classic example of how consuming closed caption enhances literacy skills can be found looking at how Finnish children score the best, in the world, when it comes to reading. Even though Finnish kids start their formal education only when they are 7 years of age, they pick up reading so fast, thanks to the TV programs they watch with closed captions or subtitles on. The Finnish families are known to be one of the highest consumers of closed captions/subtitles. The Fins watch quite a few English programs, which they find it difficult to dub into Finnish, so they watch them in English with Finnish subtitles scrolling on their screens. The kids watching these programs develop their reading skills as they have to read these captions/subtitles pretty fast.

Nowadays, schools seem to have loved this idea of introducing students to captioning and subtitling. This is because kids are actually reading and reading quite fast without their knowledge while enjoying their favorite TV programs. The schools are receiving positive feedback from parents about their kids improving their reading habits as a result of watching these programs with captions/subtitles.

Reading through closed captions/subtitles is not only beneficial for school students, but also for people learning languages and those who struggle with illiteracy.

It is always a good idea to encourage children to watch their favorite television programs with closed captions or subtitles running on the screen.