The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

Podcast transcription is the process of converting the whole audio from a podcast into text format; and making them available has many benefits for the podcasters.

They improve searchability and discoverability of the content. They help in improving search engine optimization and also help to drive more attention on to the podcast.

Benefits of podcast transcription

The most popular way to search for something on the web is by typing the text of the thing that you are searching for. These transcripts make it possible for Google to crawl and find the content that has to be indexed. Though audio description and content title help in SEO, the best way to improve searchability is to have the entire text available.

Another major benefit of having transcripts is that they increase accessibility. They make it easy for deaf and hard of hearing to consume the content. They also help people with language limitations to understand the content. They allow people to consume content even at public places without earphones.

They contribute for a better user experience. Users can quickly scan through the text to have an idea about the concept before they really listen to the content. Availability of transcripts makes it quite easy for the users to go back and look for a particular portion from an extensive content.

Overall, podcast transcripts enhance searchability, discoverability, shareability and accessibility of the content.

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