Research – Vital for Quality Conference Call Transcripts

Doing quality research before actually going ahead and processing transcripts for earnings conference or any other corporate conference calls is vital for delivering quality transcripts. Research is actually the first step for a transcriptionist to prepare for transcribing corporate conference calls. The research is widely known as ticker research among the transcriptionists; ticker is the way the companies are identified in the stock exchanges.

Research Vital for Quality Conference Call Transcripts

Transcriptionists would spend at least 30 to 40 minutes upfront doing ticker research. This would help them to become familiar with the industry and company-specific terminologies that they might come across during the process of transcribing the conference calls.

Key research sources that conference call transcriptionists look for are; Corporate Website, Google Finance, EDGAR Filings, etc.

Now, let us look at the five key research items that transcriptionists look for in order to ease the transcription process.

1.Business Description: This is a short description of the full business that the company operates in. This allows the transcriptionist to have an overall idea about the company’s business interests.

2.Current Press Release and Archive Press Releases: Normally, companies publish a press release just before they conduct conference calls. Also, they retain older press releases that they would have published prior to their earlier events. Reading through these releases would help transcriptionists to understand the context on which the conference call is being conducted and would also help them to cross check the numbers the management discusses during the course of the call.

3.Product List: Scanning through the product list published in the company website helps transcriptionists to clearly decipher the product names that are discussed during the call.

4.Management and Analyst Details: This helps a great deal in identifying speakers. It is very important to name every speaker that participates in the call. Most of the clients prefer management details to be researched from company websites so that the names are entered as it is specified in the company website.

5.SEC Filings & Key Developments: The research helps transcriptionists to understand and decipher industry-specific terminologies discussed during the call.

A good conference call transcriptionist spends time on thorough and extensive research before they actually get on with the transcription procedure.

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