Closed Captioning and Subtitling Helps Develop Literary Skills in Children Worldwide

As we all know, closed captioning or subtitling is the textual interpretation displayed in visual display screens in synchronization with the visual cues. A recent study has revealed that school students are able to improve their literary skills as they read through closed captions or subtitles while watching their favorite TV programs.

There are many schools around the world, during holidays, instruct their students to watch television programs of their choice with the closed captions turned on. At the same time, the schools advised their parents to have a look for the age-appropriateness of the content the kids are watching. The idea was to ensure that the students continue reading away from school and also enjoy their holidays.

A classic example of how consuming closed caption enhances literacy skills can be found looking at how Finnish children score the best, in the world, when it comes to reading. Even though Finnish kids start their formal education only when they are 7 years of age, they pick up reading so fast, thanks to the TV programs they watch with closed captions or subtitles on. The Finnish families are known to be one of the highest consumers of closed captions/subtitles. The Fins watch quite a few English programs, which they find it difficult to dub into Finnish, so they watch them in English with Finnish subtitles scrolling on their screens. The kids watching these programs develop their reading skills as they have to read these captions/subtitles pretty fast.

Nowadays, schools seem to have loved this idea of introducing students to captioning and subtitling. This is because kids are actually reading and reading quite fast without their knowledge while enjoying their favorite TV programs. The schools are receiving positive feedback from parents about their kids improving their reading habits as a result of watching these programs with captions/subtitles.

Reading through closed captions/subtitles is not only beneficial for school students, but also for people learning languages and those who struggle with illiteracy.

It is always a good idea to encourage children to watch their favorite television programs with closed captions or subtitles running on the screen.

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