5 Major Skills a Transcriptionist Require

Transcription is basically listening to a recorded audio and converting the speech into text format, and the person who does that is called a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist’s job is challenging and need to have certain special skills to perform their role effectively. Let us look at five key skills needed to take up transcription as a profession.

5 Major Skills a Transcriptionist Require

Listening: Transcriptionists primarily need to be very good at listening and should be very attentive. They should not get easily distracted while transcribing long audio recordings. To clearly interpret what speakers are conveying, they need to be very attentive and should also possess subject knowledge on what they are transcribing. They also have to type down simultaneously while listening to the audio, so they need to perform multitasking as well.

Typing: Good transcription professionals need to have the ability to type fast and accurately. Bad typing skills compel them to delete and retype quite often, thus slowing down the whole transcription process.

Researching : It is very important for transcription professionals to have good researching skills. Doing research beforehand helps to easily find words or phrases related to the subject that is discussed in the audio.

Grammar & Punctuation: Transcriptionists should have a good grip on grammar and punctuation. This is of utmost importance as a wrong punctuation or grammar can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Grammar and punctuation errors are considered to be grave in a transcript.

Computer Knowledge with Good Formatting Skills: Good working knowledge of computers is essential for transcriptionists. They need to be thorough with the formatting styles specified by their clients.

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