3 Basic Components Of Earnings Conference Call Transcripts

3 Basic Components Of Earnings Conference Call Transcripts

Earnings conference call transcripts are typically structured as three components; “Transcript Header”, “Presentation Summary” and “Questions & Answers Session.”

Transcript Header:
Any conference call transcript begins with a transcript header. A transcript header is where the event title is displayed followed by the list of people who participate in the conference call. Event title specifies the period and type of conference call (example; “3Q17 Earnings Results.)
Participant list starts with the corporate participant names and their designations displayed against their names. As a rule of thumb, transcriptionists fetch these names and designations specifically from the company website so that they are absolutely sure of names and current designations of the corporate executives who participate in the conference call. Following the list of corporate participants, the analysts who participate in the earnings conference call are listed out. Analysts’ names will also have the name of institutions they represent displayed against their names.

Presentation Summary:
Presentation summary is the actual body of a conference call transcript. This is the verbatim transcript of company’s actual performance, for the specific time frame, presented by the company executives during the conference call. A typical presentation summary will have the transcript of CEO’s presentation of overall performance of the company for whatever time-frame the conference call is conducted. This would be typically followed by the verbatim script of CFO’s comments in which he or she presents the financial summary and forecast. The presentation summary usually ends with the script of IR (Investor Relations) representative comments, and eventually opening the conference call for questions.

Questions & Answers (Q&A) Session:
A typical Q&A session in a conference call transcript is the verbatim textual representation of questions asked by analysts and answers provided by corporate executives. This session typically follows the question and answer pattern. While transcribing this session, it is very important for transcriptionists to keep in mind that they need to identify all the speakers; both analysts and company representatives.

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